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Crohn's Disease

At the age of sixteen I have been operated on my appendix, this one turned out to be extremely big, as big as an apple. After this operation my resistance became less, often I got the flue. When I was about 19 years of age, I lost all my energy and continuously I was very tired. Later I got very serious abdominal pains along with it. After being sick for 1½ years they diagnosed the Crohn’s disease. In the meantime my small intestine was inflamed so badly that it was closed all the way and they removed the last part of my small intestine and the first part of the large intestine, totally about 30 cm.

I have already suffered from the Crohn’s diaease for 10 years. At the moment I have an inflammation in the large intestine, ± 40 cm and two fistula infections in the peri-anala area. Besides that I was also suffering from a very painful abscess for a long time. The last inflammation attack made me decide to start using Prednison. Also because I was afraid that without heavy medicine I could not take care of my own son anymore.

However, the prednison did not help me one single bit. The specialist proposed to start taking Imuran. Since the side effects of this medicine are extreme (eg. liver- and pancreas inflammation), as my specialist from the hospital told me, I decided not to take this. During this conversation it also came to the fore that, if the Imuran did not help, the course of the disease looks very negatively. Then the specialist will have to remove the lower part of the large intestine, remove the anus, close off everything and I would have to live with a stoma for the rest of my life.

I was seized with fright and at my wits’ end! I am only 30 years of age, I have already suffered from this horrible disease the best 10 years of my life and now the future did not look too bright for me as well. I hardly have a social life, I cannot do any nice things with my son like going to the playing- garden or the swimming pool and possibly I have to go on through life with a stoma.

Because of the heavy medications, due to my severe sickness, my total immune system was finished. The prednison was not helping me at all, so I decided to stop taking the prednison because it was giving quite heavy side effects like painful and swollen legs. Also the antibiotics I took did not help a thing. I felt very sick, very weak and I had a lot of pain. The pain from which I suffered came among other things from my anus. It went totally to pieces and did not close well anymore because of the abscess. Because of leaking stool my skin around it totally went to pieces.

I had an abscess around it and the whole day yellow pus came out of it and two open fistula inflammations which were leaking (photos as prove available). For quite some time I was wearing incontinence napkins. I was depending on the care of other people.

After I have seen an article in the newspaper about a naturopathy doctor, I read the website of this doctor, Dr. R. S. Kumar, thoroughly and I found out that he books very good results with Crohn and Colitis patients. Immediately I started to do the treatment of this doctor. I really like the natural approach and I am very motivated. I want to get back the fate in my own hands again and I am willing to do everything for that. I want to give my body back her health.

Dr. Kumar put me on a well balanced diet of natural food only. He also treated me with natural medicine, called pethivip. All this in combination with hydrotherapy. Within 48 hours the results were outstanding.

Since the past 1½ year every evening/night I had fever. In the beginning around 38°C and later on the fever rose to approximately to 38.7°C. Two days after I started the therapy the fever disappeared. After three days the pain totally disappeared and the abscess near my anus started to shrink. After two weeks there was no blood to be found in the stool anymore and the daily frequent visits to the toilet started to reduce. After three weeks the fistula inflammations were almost gone and there was no slime to be found anymore in the stool. During night times I used to get up regularly because of diarrhea. Since about five weeks I do not have any problems with this anymore and I can sleep throughout the night very peacefully. My blood level is just fine, I feel good and for the first time in ten years I have a normal stool!

During the past three months I only experienced amazing results with this naturopathy treatment and my health advanced by leaps and bounds. Since the past 10 years I was very sick and I went in and out of the hospital. I tried several alternative treatments but unfortunately without results.

The complaints about the abscess and fistula completely vanished. I don’t have diarrhea anymore, no slime and blood in the stool, no pain in the intestines and my painful, swollen legs belong to the past. The anus got back 95% of its capacity and I can keep up my stool again. My appetite has increased and the digestive system is improved enormously. Psychically I also became stronger. Before, I was getting nervous only by hearing the doorbell or the telephone. ‘Emergency visits’ to the toilet belong to the past and I feel very comfortable.

After having followed the therapy for three months my health situation is extremely well. Since the past ten years I never felt this well! Finally I feel healthy and I don’t use any medications anymore. I no longer have the feeling that I am sick and I can lead a normal life again. I enjoy little things with my son, my family and friends; I enjoy life! I have enough energy to do the normal daily things myself like: taking care of my son, shopping, cooking and cleaning my house. All this because of the results of Dr. Kumar’s therapy. I would like to come forward with these experiences because I know like no one else how it is like to be a patient with intestine problems.

Because this therapy shows wonderful results and I thought it was very important for my health, I started this therapy. My general practitioner knows about the wonderful results of the therapy and he is very impressed about it. At my request he made up a declaration concerning the medical situation I found myself in.

After five months of Dr. Kumar’s naturopathy treatments I had a complete medical check up. For the first time since the past ten years, the results were very optimistic! It revealed that the infection had almost disappeared. The hemoglobin, vitamins and protein level shown good and the function of the liver was excellent.

Kind regards,

Miss M.D.

Tilburg, The Netherlands

December 1988

I gladly want to bring the following to your attention. My name is L. K. I am 30 years old and since 5 years I am suffering from Crohn’s disease. In those 5 years I had to take medicines to control the disease, but badly enough, without results.

From the end of May till the end of September this year, my disease was getting more and more worse and the medicine were not working at all. There were days that I had to go to the toilet for about 15-20 times. I had difficulties in holding up my stools and because of this I developed a phobia to go out. I had enormous fears to leave my house and be amongst people. I started to get therapy from a psychologist.

One day I went to the hospital for a “check-up”. I met one of my colleagues over there and she was very shocked to see me, because I lost 14 kilograms and I was in a very poor state. By coincidence she told me that she had a niece who also had the Crohn’s disease. That niece came, via her family doctor, in contact with Dr. Suresh Kumar, a Naturopath from India. That niece had such good results from his treatment, even without medicines, that I became very interested. So I contacted Dr. Kumar. The result of this treatment is miraculous.

At October 1st I started with the therapy and since October 8th I am without medicines.

The results: I am going to the toilet only one or two times a day. As a result of that I lost my fear to leave my house and be amongst people. I no longer need the therapy of the psychologist. I also don’t need to go to the hospital (to the internal medical specialist) because after the last blood tests they could not find any sign of infection and Crohn’s disease anymore.

As you can understand it gave me a lot of joy. I feel so well at this moment that I hardly can say I am a Crohn patient. For me it is still a miracle. What medical specialists couldn’t do for me in five years, Dr. Kumar was able to get me well in three months time. As you can understand, Dr. Kumar is very important for Crohn patients like us. Recently, on a patients meeting, organised by a family doctor, Dr. P.Z. (GP), where more than 30 patients gathered, I heard that all patients of Dr. Kumar are having good results.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. L.K.

The Netherlands

I treated Mrs. L.K. for a period of 3 months. She became very healthy and started a fulltime job after 8 months. After one year she got married and leading a healthy and happy family life. With joy, every year she is sending me Christmas Greetings, until now.

February 1990

It has been two years since I have been diagnosed with an intestinal disease, Crohn’s disease. This is a chronic infection of the intestines. It started in 1983-1984. I was pregnant with my daughter and had stomach aches, probably my intestines already. She was born by C-section, not because of the intestines, but she was breached and my pelvis was too narrow.

In 1985 I had a little wound near my anus and went to see the doctor. There was some dirt in it, so she had to cut in it. Later, it was clear that it didn’t heal, it was a fistula, so it had to be surgically removed. At this time the pain caused by the intestines wasn’t so bad. But, in 1987, when I was pregnant with my son I had terrible pain seizures during the pregnancy. I did not get any medicine for this. He was also born by C-section. After he was born I went to the family physician, he prescribed medicine, but, unfortunately, it didn’t work.

After that I had to go to hospital, an internist took some x-rays and performed all kinds of examinations. He found an infection of the intestine and a narrowing at the end of the small intestine and the beginning of the large intestine. I always had a lump there, which swelled when I was in pain. I was prescribed medicine containing sulphur (salvespirine), that did work, but then I suffered from medicinal intoxication, so I had to stop using it. Then I received asacol, but this didn’t work very well either. After 1,5 year I couldn’t handle it any more, that much pain and my family was suffering too. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went back to hospital. There they examined my stomach to see if it was in good condition to handle medicine. My stomach was healthy and I was prescribed Prednisone (8 tablets a day + 6 asacol). After that I felt very well, it was an upper against the pain….finally.

The Prednisone was reduced to 6, then to 4 and then to 3. A couple of months later I started having the pain seizures (cramps) back, in spite of the medicine. I took some paracetamol, this made me vomit and I got diarrhoea. I was acutely admitted to hospital. An IV was inserted to keep my intestines calm, and injections against the pain; no food, just a bit of water. When I was doing better I was discharged.

The internist wrote in a letter to my family physician (GP) that it was a case of constipation. Back at home, just a week later I had the pains again. My family physician told me about Dr. Kumar, that it would be better to undergo his treatment. I also believed this would be the right treatment for me. The family physician called the internist and told him that this couldn’t go on any longer and that I would undergo Dr. Kumar’s treatment. The internist agreed and promised to arrange family assistance.

Mrs. B.K.

The Netherlands

August 1988

The problems all started around the time I began using the birth control pill, I was about 16,5 years old. My weight before taking the pill was 52 kg. In a time period of 3 months my body weight went to 63 kg.; an abnormal phenomenon actually.

After this increase in weight I had a very bad stool, the family physician (GP) told me that probably my intestines had narrowed here and there. My prescription: linseed and laxatives, this would make me use the toilet better and it did, but the cause wasn’t solved. Around this time I started working and I have experienced tension during different jobs (colleagues, chefs etc). These tensions didn’t help my intestines. When I was 18 years old, I started having stomach aches, by means of a laparoscopy it was shown that I had a complicated appendicitis near my right ovary. Doctors told me it was better to proceed to surgery, totally it would take about 14 days. After 14 days they discharged me and when I was home it went from bad to worse. The cause was an abscess in my stomach (hospital infection), the problem was solved and after a couple of weeks it did go a lot better.

The stool problems continued and that’s why I continued taking linseed and tablets. At a certain point in time I had to go to the toilet at night, for me this was the signal to stop the laxatives. But the problems worsened, I went to the toilet about 7 or 8 times and especially at night. I hardly got any rest at night at all. At work my concentration decreased, but the work continued. The number of times I went to the toilet increased and all of a sudden a fistula formed around the anus. I decided to go to the family physician and he sent me on to an internist. He did some examinations and it was found that I had Crohn’s disease and he gave me a prescription for salosopriene. I had to take the tablets 6 times a day and return after 2 weeks. The medicine had side effects; nausea, no appetite etc. and didn’t work. The internist prescribed Prednisone, which I refused because I was aware of the terrible side effects.

In the meanwhile I had to stop working, because I didn’t get enough rest at night because of the many visits to the toilet. I went to my family physician with the Prednisone prescription. He told me it could be treated by homeopathy. I wanted to try this way first. The homeopathic remedies were: sulphur, arsenic, d6, silicia, norzoids and a vegetarian diet was prescribed. But the disease became more active. My holiday reservations were cancelled because of Crohn’s disease. There was no progress at all of the body and it became completely exhausted, the weight decreased about 10 kg. I went to the toilet about 20 times, my stool was getting worse; blood and mucus tracks.

The internist where I was under supervision told me it was better to admit me for a couple of weeks. After hearing this I stopped the homeopathy and started eating as usual again. At the start of November 1986 I went to hospital and was prescribed a dose of Prednisone. My body was so exhausted that it was in shock and because of that I was admitted to the special care. There a feeding tube was inserted. Within 2 days I felt much better and was allowed back at the ward. The Prednisone cure was carried through, 60 mg. and 30 mg. anally and salofalk 6 tablets and an antibiotic cure. After being admitted for 5 weeks, I was sent home. I slowly came off Prednisone and I had to keep taking the salofalk. My stool slowly got better and I needed to go to the toilet lesser times. Around June 1987 after decreasing the Prednisone I was allowed to stop this medicine, I had to keep taking the salofalk.

In July 1989 I went on holiday after consulting my internist. During my vacation the disease came back and I was very disappointed, my complaints were: nausea, no appetite, tiredness, stomach ache and the need to go to the toilet a lot. When I came back from my holiday I immediately went to my internist, he told me it probably was travelling diarrhoea, so he decided to wait and see for another 2 weeks. The complaints worsened. The internist decided to admit me to hospital again. This time the admission was about 4 to 5 weeks and Prednisone was administered again. Half way into September 1987 I was allowed to leave hospital, but the Prednisone was decreased very slowly this time in contrary to the last time and I had to take the salofalk constantly.

In July 1988 I got married and the Prednisone cure was at 5 mg. a day and 6 tablets salofalk. After my weddingday I had to return to the internist for a check up and I told him I didn’t feel 100% okay because I had to go to the toilet more often than 3 weeks before (the stool again contained blood and mucus tracks). The internist prescribed a higher dosage of Prednisone, 30 mg. This bothered me very much, because of the side effects; swollen face and looks.

Then the problem was presented to the new family physician (GP) who was aware of my problems. He told me it might be wise to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kumar. On 11 August I had an appointment with the family physician and Dr. Kumar was present as well, a nature cure doctor which I had never heard of before. He put me on positive food that existed of fresh fruits, vegetables etc. Dr. Kumar told me it was better to stop using medicine all together, because, according to him, it ruins the stomach.

Directly I started with the positive food. On 13 August 1989 I felt very ill (fever of 39,3°C.). Immediately I called the family physician and told him about the situation. The family physician and Dr. Kumar came straight over to see what was exactly going on. Dr. Kumar administered some hydrotherapy-treatments because of the fever. After about 60 minutes the fever went down to 37,5° C. and I felt a lot better. The food was changed to fresh fruit, fresh fruit juices etc. The same day my family physician (GP) and Dr. Kumar deliberated about decreasing the medicine. I had to continue different kind of treatments and hydrotherapies. The medication was reduced to nothing in about a week in consultation with the family physician. The migraine was also treated by means of the right hydrotherapies.

After one week I started to feel better, also my stool looked much better. I lost 4 kg. of weight and small swellings had formed on my legs (this means the disease is active, this was also found at the hospital). After the first week the stool was much firmer and there was no sign of any blood or mucus. Dr. Kumar showed my husband and me several times how to cook healthy meals. The second week the positive food was adapted again and I started to feel stronger. Dr. Kumar told me my body was in a very bad condition because of the strong medications and the illness. My entire stomach was ruined by using so much medicine and because of this the intestines would never be well. After a couple of days different food was adapted again. I started to feel more active and stronger and the swelling on the legs started to shrink, also my tongue looked very healthy because during the disease the tongue looked much stained (round smooth stains on the tongue).

According to the medical doctors, Crohn’s disease can only be suppressed by Prednisone and other medicine with horrible side effects. The cause isn’t dealt with. Dr. Kumar has proven within 3 weeks that Naturopathy treatment is very important for Crohn’s disease.

Mrs. J.H.

The Netherlands

Chronic dysentery

Herewith I would like to express my appreciation for your natural healing therapy.

I have been suffering from chronic dysentery since the past five years. Around that time I took a trip abroad, where I spent two months. The first seven weeks I had absolutely no disease or other physical discomfort, but the last week before returning to Holland I got a serious diarrhoea, which later developed into a chronic dysentery. I left feeling very weak.

Upon my return to Holland, my family doctor (GP) advised me to take some blood and stool tests. The result showed that there was nothing really to worry about. The doctor gave me some pills and said that this would stop the diarrhoea and I will be relieved from the problem in no time if I would follow a fat free diet. The reality turned out to be quite different. The pills did help to stop the diarrhoea, but this lasted for just two weeks. After that the problem returned and became even worse. This continued for about two years. During this period I tried several other therapies but without any success.

On the advice of my wife I approached Dr. Kumar for help. I followed his therapy for almost three months and I must admit that up to the present I have had nothing but good results. The diarrhoea stopped after three days and the bleeding after nine weeks. I feel great relief. Beside the cure itself I find myself in a much better state of mind.

I would like to thank Dr. Kumar and I wish him much success with his work.

Yours truly,

Mr. R.F.

The Netherlands


Ulcerative Colitis

My name is E.H.M., I’m 34 years old, living together and we have two daughters. My complaints started when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. After an intestinal examination it turned out to be proctitis with a lot of blood loss and mucous secretion. After the pregnancy I started the medication because I didn’t want to take it during the pregnancy. The complaints remained, despite medication (suppositories).

Last year in summer I had a strong flare up of this disease with a lot of blood loss, 20 times a day I went to the toilet and a lot of thin defecation. I was prescribed enemas (beclomelazin/metazon) and I applied these twice a day during a period of about 4 months. The complaints continued. I stopped this, because I felt it didn’t work. After that I was prescribed oral medication; 3 times a day 2 tablets mesalazin 500 mg. Because of the heavy flare up I asked for an intestinal examination. It turned out to have spread and turned into colitis, 35-40 cm of the last part of the large intestine/rectum.

The complaints remained, particularly the many visits to the toilet, almost being incontinent, the daily blood loss and mucous secretion and fatigue. Recently an abscess near the anus has developed. Because of the pain in the area of the anus I was prescribed a prednison cure (30 mg). The doctor thought it was a flare up of the proctitis/colitis but after 3 days an abscess developed because of a fistula. In hospital the abscess was removed/cleaned operatively under anaesthetic. It turned out I also had a bacteria in my blood for which I received amoxiccilin.

Earlier medication: suppositories and enemas (beclomelazin/metazon), last year I used it a lot, but have not used it for the last 9 months. Recent medication: mesalazin 500 mg 3 times a day 2 tablets, prednison 30 mg used for 4 days and amoxiccilin taken 5 tablets then stopped. Furthermore: 3 times a day 1 tablet vitamin C 1000 mg, fish oil 500 mg 2 capsules a day, silicea D6 once a day 2 tablets, vitamin E (E 400 i.u.) once a day 1 capsule, folic acid 800 mcg once a day 1 tablet, vitamin B12 1000 mg sometimes. For more than a year I used vitamin E enemas: break 10 vitamin E capsules, mix this with 10 cc distilled water and insert as an enema.

Now, after 7 years of proctitis/colitis, I’m being treated by Dr. Kumar, naturopathologist. I stopped all medications, also the antibiotics. The fistula/abscess wound hurt for the first 3 days and then it started healing. After following the treatment for 2 weeks I no longer had blood loss and mucous secretion and I didn’t have to use the toilet that often anymore. I feel good. Now, after doing his therapy for a few weeks, all my colitis complaints are gone and I feel great! I continue the positive food, the hydrotherapies and natural medicine mix because my body have to become stronger. I’m very grateful to Dr. Kumar for the excellent guidance and his treatment.

Mrs. E.H.M.

The Netherlands

January 1989

Ulcerative Colitis

Letter from a patient to the Dutch Crohn & Ulcerative Colitis Society

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to bring the following to the attention of your organisation. My name is A.G.W., I am 27 years old and since 2,5 years an Ulcerative Colitis patient. As you know the disease is chronic and it has it’s “ups and downs”. The past year I have been using the medicine Asacol. It turned out that this eventually did not ease or better the disease.

After a period of stomach aches and extreme tiredness, my family doctor introduced me to Dr. Kumar, a nature doctor from India, who has resided in The Netherlands. This doctor treats, among others, chronic diseases like Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. He does this without any allopathic medication. After following his treatment for a month and a half, the result is there! The tiredness has completely disappeared and the nuisances of the constant pressure on the intestines and the reactions that go with it have been reduced c.q. healed.

What couldn’t be done in 2 years, has now been accomplished by Dr. Kumar’s natural healing. Many other patients with the same symptoms who undergo his treatment are as enthusiastic as I am! As a member of your organisation, I really think that this should be brought to the attention of your organisation c.q. being made known to the members.

Patients who suffer of Crohn’s disease / Ulcerative Colitis will find a 100% improvement by this healing method. I hope this information will be of much use to you.

Kind regards,

Mr. A.G.W.

The Netherlands

After 8 weeks he recovered, feeling fit and doesn’t take any medicines anymore. In 2006 Mr. A.G.W. is still healthy and he is leading a normal life. Since 10 years he has a different GP but his GP still does not know he was a Colitis patient before, thanks to Dr. Kumar’s therapy.

During 2 years I suffered of Ulcerative Colitis. For 1 year I was using corticosteroids (betnesol-enema). I couldn’t live without it or I would be suffering from pain and serious diarrhoea, but even using the betnesol my complaints didn’t go away.

At a certain moment I talked to a healed colitis patient, who very enthusiastically mentioned the name of Dr. Kumar. His treatment consists of a special diet, natural herbs medicine mix and hydrotherapies. After 6 weeks I stopped using allopathic medications and I feel healthy; my stool has become much better and I am very happy with Dr. Kumar’s treatment.

I personally have talked to 2 other colitis patients, who were cured completely by him, and I would like to recommend this therapy whole-heartedly to my companions in distress, who suffer from this disease.

Mrs. J.D.

The Netherlands


Constipation and migraine

Here is an account of a working woman of 48 years old. It all started 16 years ago with repetitive bladder infections and pyelitis. Every time I went to the family physician, I was prescribed one penicillin cure after another. These cures got stronger every time and eventually they didn’t work anymore, the pain didn’t go away. Then I was admitted to the hospital and they removed my appendix. After a couple of years they took out my uterus, then the right ovary, then a couple of years later my left ovary, after a few years they removed adhaesies and they rearranged my intestines, but the problems of the daily pains was not gone yet.

Some years later I ended up in hospital again, this time at the psychiatric ward, for 3 months, yet, it had no results. Half a year after this I went to hospital for a muscular examination and immediately I was admitted, again to the psychiatric ward. I stayed there for three months, without any result, because I still had stomach aches. After a couple of years, after a heavy flu, I couldn’t use the toilet for about 4,5 weeks. I was referred to a specialist for an examination of my intestines. I was told that there was nothing wrong with my intestines, that they just functioned slowly. After this examination I didn’t use the toilet for my stool for another 4,5 weeks, I was getting desperate.

Until one day I brought home a magazine in which my husband read an article about a nature cure doctor Kumar in Castricum, who knew how to solve these kinds of problems and who cured many patients. I phoned him and I got an appointment for a week later. That same night I started hydrotherapies and already I had a little bit of stool, something no doctor or specialist had accomplished so far.

Dr. Kumar put me on a special fasting cure to cleanse my entire body. During such a cure, you have to rest a lot and you cannot work, that just doesn’t match. Already I feel like a different person. Dr. Kumar visits me twice a week. He doesn’t just do this for me, he does this for all his patients, to see how they are doing and to be able to follow up on the disease and to adjust the treatment and the positive food.

Water is the best medicine!

Mrs. P.J.M. L.

The Netherlands

Two months after she started the therapy this patient became healthy again and leading a normal life, without pains and medicines.


My name is S.T. and I am 33 years old. Since 4 years I have been suffering from chronic complaints of a nasal affection and migraine and just recently I started having problems with my stomach and intestines. Because of the migraine, I have been operated on the inter nasal septum. Unfortunately this didn’t help. I was advised to undergo a second operation, which I did not do. For the nasal affection I have had numerous allergy tests, nasal drops, diets and injections. Unfortunately without any results.

Through a friend I had a chance to meet Dr. Kumar. I started doing the therapy, which in my case means fasting and hydrotherapy. Now I have been doing this for about 2 weeks and already I have results for my complaints. The fasting went well and the rest is healing now too.

Yours truly,

Mrs. S.T.

The Netherlands

After 5 weeks she recovered and is feeling healthy and fit.

For many years I have been suffering from headache, at least 25 to 30 years. In those years I tried maximum to get rid of my headache. Hospital, neurology and all kinds of other examinations. The past few months, not even one single day went by without headache.

Suppositories were the only medicine that still was of use. I used the suppositories preventive. My stomach couldn’t tolerate any more medicine. I wasn’t able to do my job anymore (teacher). Since half a year I have been discharged as medically unfit.

Recently I met Dr. Kumar, naturopathologist, and I started his treatment and diet. The first five days I was critically ill but after that it went better all the time. After eight days I had no headache anymore! I also have to do hydrotherapies. Every alternative day Dr. Kumar visits me to adjust the program. He supports me very well. I am very happy that I finally got rid of my headache!

Mrs. R.C.,

50 years old

The Netherlands

Migraine and stomach aches

My name is P.M.Z. and I was born in 1964. Since I was about 7 or 8 years old I’ve been suffering of headaches. Every time I came home from school, my mother gave me half a Saridon and I had to lay down in a dark room. An E.E.G. was made, but nobody ever really found something. When I was about 12 years old, I started having stomach aches. Cramp and gastric acid. I couldn’t agree with certain products, like yoghurt, orange juice, apple juice, hot spices etc. I had the cramps especially when my stomach was empty. My family physician of that time gave me a chalk peppermint medicine which didn’t help. My complaints worsened, I became constipated and gained ever more weight while I really didn’t eat that much. After some time my family physician gave me Tagemet and a bit later Primperan. Both did not have any effect. The headaches were still there and in the meanwhile I was also suffering from lower back pains. My stomach became more and more bloated.

When I was 18 I moved to Belgium. Via my former family physician I made an appointment with an internist in Maastricht. They examined blood and urine, this was found to be OK and they did a gastroscopy. According to the internist the outcome of the gastroscopy was less positive. He told me I was suffering of chronic gastritis and that I had a small ulcer at the duodenum. He told me he could give me medicine, but that I had to be careful because the situation could worsen. At this time I was in pain every day. Already I didn’t eat certain things (certain kinds of fruit and raw vegetables). The medicine the internist gave me didn’t help, that’s why he gave me different, stronger medicine, but unfortunately, this didn’t help either.

My family physician had already put me on a diet poor of cellulose, which did not have any effect. After I didn’t get any results by taking the medicine the internist gave me, I went to different physicians in Belgium. Mostly, they gave me medicine that didn’t work. In the mean time my complaints worsened. I didn’t just feel pain in the morning, but during the whole day. Also I started feeling dizzy and I had eczema on my right foot that, in spite of numerous ointments and lotions, did not go away. My headache continued. After that I resorted to alternative healers: homeopaths, “bone crushers”, acupuncturists etc. I put myself on various diets, took all kinds of medicine, but nothing seemed to work. After 12 years, when my stomach aches started to show for the first time, there still was no solution. I became pretty desperate and felt like there would never be a solution.

Thanks to a friend I met Dr. R.S. Kumar, Naturopath. He put me on positive food, consisting of fruit and fruit juices and within 2 weeks my headaches disappeared and the eczema had left without a trace. I was however still suffering from terrible vertigo and stomach aches and I had to stop working because of that. During Dr. Kumar’s treatment I had to undergo different hydrotherapies. In the beginning I had to get used to it, but because I felt like I was making progress so fast, I noticed I had more and more perseverance to continue the treatment. I also noticed that the diet made me feel more energetic and at the same time more quiet on the inside. It was easier for me to concentrate and to make decisions.

Especially at the beginning I had to drink a lot of water to soften the gastric acid. Because of the treatments my constipation was gone. Dr. Kumar adjusted the eating pattern, this went very well and my body also accepted this very well. The good thing about Dr. Kumar is of course that he helps me, that he provides personal guidance and that he is always willing to answer questions. You can reach him day or night and he doesn’t use difficult, medical terminology. Right now it has been 3 months since I started the therapy and my stomach aches are as good as gone!! No more headaches and eczema and I feel full of energy. In short I can easily say that Dr. Kumar’s treatment has been nothing but good to me and I would recommend it to everybody.

Mrs. P.M.Z.

The Netherlands

For the past 14 years she is leading a healthy life.

Backache and migraine

Since 1985 I suffer from an ever worsening backache, the 4th / 5th lumbar vertebra that radiates to the left. My neck also started hurting since 1987 and because of that I suffered from terrible headaches. Because of this I also suffer from migraine since 1985 for which I was prescribed migril. Although I do not prefer to take medicine, I had to because otherwise I could no longer endure it. For my back I got traction three times a week and painkillers. After a period of 6 months, I became despondent, because it really didn’t help.

In the meantime, I had to stop the exercising, that was very important to me. Then I received Mensendieck-therapy, but the back stayed the same. My general practitioner advised me to go see a Mensendieck-therapist, otherwise he predicted me a future in a wheelchair. But I stopped this as well after half a year, because I couldn’t detect any progress.

Until some months ago, we coincidentally came into contact with Dr. R.S. Kumar, a naturopathologist. He told me he could really do something about my back and also that this back problem is called cervical spondylosis. I understood that I was in a really serious condition. I was very willing to start his therapy, called Naturopathy.

The treatment consisted of fruits and vegetables, fasting, hydrotherapies and I had to take a lot of rest. At first I had to get used to it, but because of his intensive coaching it really went okay. In the second week of the therapy I already got rid of the migraine. After three weeks I noticed I could put on my socks normally, so I was becoming more flexible and also the pain had diminished. But the best thing is that the pain in my neck, and the headaches I had because of that, has completely gone.

With kind regards, remains.

Mrs. C.E.M.

The Netherlands

Throat infection, migraine, gastric ulcer

After reading an article about Dr. Kumar, naturopathologist, I contacted him. At that time I was pregnant with my first child and I felt the need for good nourishment advice. Not because of the fact that I didn’t feel alright or wasn’t eating properly, but because I wanted to put a healthy child into this world. The whole pregnancy went prosperous, no high blood pressure, no low HB, to go short, I felt wonderful. The birth also went very well and I brought a very beautiful, whole and healthy daughter into this world. The first six months I was breastfeeding, after which I contacted Dr. Kumar again for nourishment advice. Now, she is nearly 2 years old and we continue to follow Dr. Kumar’s advice, because I feel and know that healthy nourishment is important for your health and your total well-being.

My sister who is 2 years younger, was suffering of infections of the throat, the nose, sinuses and forehead for 8 years. She also had trouble breathing through her nose; it was nearly always closed up (at night, during the day, in summer and in winter). She has been to the general practitioner on numerous occasions for this and was prescribed penicillin an equal amount of times. At a certain time he referred her to an ENT specialist, who at his turn referred her to an allergist, but all of this didn’t help. She underwent treatment from Dr. Kumar, because Dr. Kumar says that by using medicine you just suppress the disease and you never get to the cause of it. Dr. Kumar put her on positive food, consisting of a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and grains, to cleanse her body the natural way. The result was incredible! She has done the treatment for 2 months and after that she never had any problems with infections anymore and she could breath normally through her nose.

My youngest sister also got interested in naturopathy medicine. She was suffering from migraine and stomach aches and the complaints worsened. The general practitioner and the specialist both advised her to have several small meals during the day. In hind sight this only worsened her complaints. She also did Dr. Kumar’s therapy and besides a healthy diet he prescribed different kinds of hydrotherapy. After about 2 weeks she already felt a lot better and at the end of the treatment she was completely healed and relieved of all her pain and she could have 3 meals a day again. She has been a vegetarian for 1,5 years now, she feels healthy, and agrees fully with Dr. Kumar’s thesis: you are what you eat!

Even my mother has profited from Dr. Kumar’s nourishment advice. She suffers from epilepsy and has been taking medicine for this her whole life, dealing with all the side effects that go with it (sleeping a lot, having a hard time waking up, forgetful, constipated, etc). She is very enthusiastically about the results of naturopathy treatments, has decreased her medication to almost nothing, feels fit and healthy and she has become a vegetarian as well.

You can understand that we are very grateful to Dr. Kumar for his help and his nourishment advice. It has changed the lifestyle of my entire family for the better. Our food now consists of 80% vegetables and fruits and consuming meat, dairy products, coffee, alcohol and the like are strictly limited. It is also important to know that my family did not use any medication since then.

Mrs. J.D.

The Netherlands

Chronic pains and poor indigestion

Yesterday it was exactly six weeks since I started Dr. Kumar’s therapy and I feel really well. My complaints have totally disappeared and I got back a healthy appetite. Reasons enough to say: “Dr. Kumar, I am very grateful for following your therapy, I got back a feeling of healthy constitution.”

I appreciate your consultations and I will continue the therapy according to your advise with healthy nutrition and a great variety of fruits, vegetables etc.

With kind regards,

Mrs. J.v.G.

The Netherlands


Dear Dr. Kumar,

I would like to inform you that after 12 weeks of your therapy I have taken the laboratory test.

The details are:

Hb : 7,5
Ht : 0,36
Sdm : 9
Rheumatism test : negative

So this is not bad at all. I am especially glad about the rheumatism test. The sediment is much better, last time it was still 16, now it is within the normal range, great! I wish you all the best with your practice.

Kind regards,

Mrs. D.D.J.

The Netherlands

Eczema and disease of the intestines

I am writing this letter because I am satisfied with Dr. Kumar’s therapy and I feel healthy again. For many years I have been ill, maybe ten years or even longer. I had a big list of many complaints such as: pain in my stomach, pain in my neck, very painful intestines, pain in my arms like rheumatism and backaches. I also got eczema which turned black on my back. In 1990 the pain in my stomach started to become very severe, I couldn’t bear it anymore. I went to my general practitioner for my stomach pains and the eczema and he gave me all kinds of medicines which didn’t help, it only became worse!

The general practitioner sent me to the hospital; an internist took some x-rays and performed all kinds of examinations. They discovered a crack between my oesophagus and my stomach. In that time I read an article in the local newspaper about Dr. R.S. Kumar, so I made and appointment with Dr. Kumar and immediately started his treatment. Two months after I followed his therapy I had to go to the hospital again to take x-rays. They could not find anything anymore, so no more crack and even the intestines problems could not be found. They sent me home again.

The therapy of Dr. Kumar consists of hydrotherapies, eating lots of tropical fruits and vegetables and keeping precisely to the times of consuming the meals. I am very grateful to Dr. Kumar that he is treating me and that the newspaper published his article otherwise I was still undergoing allopathic treatment from other doctors. Dr. Kumar is a very good nature cure doctor; he that follows his therapy precisely doesn’t have to suffer anymore from pain, cancer or other diseases. It is really recommended to follow his treatment.

Mr. S.F.

The Netherlands

After this patient followed the therapy for two months, they did a medical examination in the hospital. The wound was cured and the specialist told that the patient was having good results. The specialist sent the medical report to the general practitioner and me. After 3 months another medical examination took place and again the medical report has been sent to the general practitioner and me. The wound was completely cured and the eczema plus black spots were dried and totally vanished because of the therapy of colleague Dr. Kumar.


When I was 7 years old I got eczema on my both legs, from my knees to my ankles. I tried all medications from one to another, internal and external. Some months it was very severe. The worst thing was it itched day and night. During the itching lots of pus and slime came out and the smell was horrible. Some treatments gave little relieve for a few weeks, but than it returned in its fullest again.

The most difficult times were in the night, I could not sleep because of the heavy itching and early morning many times the bed sheets were stuck to my skin because of the thick slime. This was very difficult to take it of. My mother had to soak it in the water and gently remove the sheet from my skin, which was very painful. Because of this eczema I could not enjoy my youth. Children always talked bad about me and they kept on saying it stinks.

On one hand I wanted bandages around my legs so other people could not see what was happening to my legs, but on the other hand it was really not good to cover my legs because my skin needed to breath. Putting bandages also gave problems of getting stuck to my skin because of the heavy slime flow from the skin, which could be compared to gum or paste. I also had to move around a lot because sitting quietly caused many flies sitting on my legs.

For 9 years I suffered from this problem, day and night. I tried hundreds of treatments and all kinds of therapies like homeopathy, ayurvedic medicine, allopathic medicines, penicillin cures etc., but no treatment in the world could take this eczema away.

When I was 17 years old I was lucky to start a naturopathy treatment. Believe it or not, but after struggling of this disease for 9 years, with the help of the naturopathy treatment the eczema completely dried, cleaned and vanished after 3 months, thank God. The dark, black spots on my legs remained for another 8 months, but the itching with the slime and horrible smell completely disappeared. With the help of hydrotherapy and poultices the skin improved enormously and after 8 months the black spots disappeared and the colour of the skin became normal. I am still very happy I did this therapy. If I never would have heard about naturopathy medicine most probably I still would have walked around with those rotten legs.

Mr. K.R.S.

The Netherlands

Diabetics, gout, high cholesterol, internal infections etc...

Recently I was diagnosed with diabetics, gout, high cholesterol, heavy internal infections, pain on the left side of my chest and cramps in my legs. My general practitioner prescribed me the following medicines: diazepam, metformine, stilnoct, fenoxymethyl penicilline, selektine and ibuprofen. I have tried these medicines for 2-3 days but due to the fact I have a very sensitive stomach I had troubles taking all these medicines, particularly the antibiotics, so I stopped taking them.

I decided to follow a naturopathy treatment immediately and around that same time my general practitioner fixed up an appointment for me with the specialist because some problems were shown in my blood test. A few days before seeing the specialist I had a second blood test. During the meeting with my specialist he told me there was a big difference between the result of the first and the second blood test and he asked me if there were any types of medicines I was taking. The answer was NO. Then he told me there is a big improvement and it looks like I am taking medicines. I told him I was doing an alternative treatment, called Naturopathy, which involves proper food, natural medicine mix and hydrotherapy. The specialist was really impressed and he could not believe that this type of a treatment could make such big improvements in such a short period of time. He told me he was not going to give me any type of medication right now and advised me to continue the naturopathy treatment. After three months I had to take a blood test again and meet him when the results of the blood test were there. In the meantime I continued the naturopathy treatment for 100%.

The results of the treatment were amazing; the cramps in my legs, pain in my chest, pain in my neck and shoulders and the problems with my eyes have been vanished. For these problems I also visited a cardiologist, an eye specialist and a neurologist on the advice of my general practitioner. All problems completely disappeared and I felt more easiness, lighter and comfortable to move around, plus my diabetics went down from 16,3 to 7,5.

After three months I took the blood test in the hospital and when the results were ready I visited the specialist. He was very impressed with the progress I made and advised me to come back one more time after four months, after taken another blood test. The blood sugar has been stabilized, the gout disappeared, cholesterol was normal and the heavy internal infections completely vanished. The specialist told me it is not necessary to see him again because of the remarkable recovery. He wrote to my general practitioner that the results with the naturopathy treatment were amazing and that I recovered successfully. If any problems might arise in the future I can always approach him for help.

I am very happy I did this naturopathy treatment and gained back my health without taking any other medications.

Mr. R.R.

The Netherlands

Coronary thrombosis, hernia and constipation

Dear Dr. Kumar,

I would like to tell you how extremely thankful I am for the advice you gave on my health and diet. I am 78 years of age and lately my legs and feet, which had been troubling me for a considerable time, became more swollen and painful.

My recent medical history briefly; in 1981 I experienced a coronary thrombosis and more recently in 1986 a strangulated hernia and stoppage of the bowel. The condition of my legs and feet followed gradually from that period.

I was amazed to find, after only one week of your treatment, a reduction in the swelling and a brightness and alertness in my general condition. These improvements keep on maintaining, so once again I thank you for your considerable help.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. E.B.

The Netherlands

Mouth Ulcer

For eight years I suffered from a painful patch in my mouth (cheek) and a painful palate. They alternated. Added to this I regularly suffered from diarrhoea. Visits to my general practitioner, specialist and few medical hospitals did not avail. The answer was: “It came that way, and it will go away that way”.

Dr. Kumar’s therapy has helped me well. He called it “mouth-ulcer” which originates from the stomach. The therapy would take three months and indeed, after three months it was gone.

Mrs. G.v.M.

The Netherlands


January 1991

Terminal Cancer

After 3 weeks in hospital I was allowed to go home in May. I was told that an operation was no option because both lungs were affected by terminal cancer. Although the one a bit less than the other, there was no way I could be operated. They did contact the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Hospital for radiation treatments. After a consultation there I was told that I was going to receive 13 radiation treatments.

An acquaintance drew my attention to Dr. Kumar’s treatment. My wife and I immediately had a good feeling about this treatment, which for the greater part consists of a healthy diet. Although I knew I only had 2-3 months to live, I decided to follow this treatment. At the time I started the treatment, I also started the radiation treatment in the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Hospital. So both started at the same time: the treatment and the radiation.

The most difficult part was that a number of radiations were too heavy for me. But still, I endured this period of radiation and treatment. To me, following a treatment means that you strictly commit yourself to the prescribed food. Moreover, it is very important, as it was in my case, that your wife is completely supportive of it, because in these days you really need an anchor. The buying and preparing of the prescribed food was in good hands of my wife.

I’m being treated by Dr. Kumar for over 8 months now. I experienced this period as positive. So I will continue this. During the radiation treatments, that were very heavy, I never had any problems like vomiting, pain etc. After I had the radiation, it became increasingly easier to follow Dr. Kumar’s treatment. Moreover, I was told all kinds of positive things, for example that I look very good etc. This is thanks to the healthy diet.

After 10 months I went to the lung specialist and he was very happy about my health and the progress of the illness.

This is written by a patient who’s clinical picture doesn’t look very well, but who, despite of this, is very satisfied about Dr. Kumar’s treating method. I am very much convinced that the applied diet and the natural medicine mix have contributed greatly to a development in my illness that is acceptable to me.

Mr. J.A.

The Netherlands

This patient lived much longer while being on the naturopathy treatment. He had a good appetite and a reasonably good health without pain, nausea, vomiting sensation, depression etc.


Terminal prostate- and bone cancer

In August I was told I suffered from prostate- and bone cancer. Thanks to a lot of fighting and operations, the process was stopped. But after more than one year the process started again, allopathic medicine did not help anymore, radiation was my last salvation. The process was stopped again.

At the beginning of this year I suffered severely from bloated, painful hands and feet, a lot of migraine, fatigue and I started having troubles walking. In April I read an article about Dr. Kumar’s healing method and on April 9 I had my first consultation with him. He put me on a healthy eating pattern and advised me to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. He also advised me to do different sorts of hydrotherapy every day. Along with this, 100% motivation for this healing method is very important.

I started and after three months the advantages were very noticeable: no more bloated painful hands and feet, no more migraine, my movements are much more supple, my breathing has improved and the cramps in my legs that I had every night, hardly ever occurred anymore. I still sense pain in my damaged bones, but I have good faith this will lessen as well.

I would like to thank Dr. Kumar very much for the treatments and I wish him all the best and good luck to bring Naturopathy medicine among the people.

Yours truly,

Mr. H.v.D.

The Netherlands

This patient lived much longer while being on naturopathy medicine. He had a good appetite and a reasonably good health without pain, nausea, vomiting sensation, depression etc.

Terminal lung cancer

On February 22 I was told I suffered from lung cancer. According to the specialist who treated me, there was nothing we could do about it. I did however undergo 8 radiation treatments to stop the pain.

I, an active 50 year old, refused to accept this. I thought the earth opened when I heard this. I started saying goodbye to everyone and getting my affairs in order. After a couple of days I thought: this isn’t right, I have to do something myself. Through newspapers and television I had already heard of the Moerman-diet. I started this. A while later I heard somebody talk about an Indian naturopath, named Dr. R.S. Kumar. This naturopath, I was told, had already helped many people who had cancer. I saw a new option and went to this naturopath. He told me what his treatment consisted of, a balanced diet of the right nutrition combined with fluids and fresh natural medicine mix.

After doing his therapy for a couple of weeks I felt the results; I felt much better and more active. After testing my blood, it turned out there was indeed a big improvement. I continued the diet and started getting pretty much used to it, because I believe food plays a very important part. My specialist and general practitioner couldn’t believe this progress at first. Dr. Kumar advised me to do stay in touch with my general practitioner and specialist in the hospital.

Now I’m undergoing the treatment for nine months and, believe it or not, I feel very healthy. I no longer suffer from pains; I go up the stairs two steps at the time and I go for long walks. The general practitioner is dazzled. He talks of a miracle… I think I have shown that, no matter what, there is a connection between food and cancer. According to the specialist, I shouldn’t be alive anymore by now.

Mr. G. F.

The Netherlands

This patient lived much longer while being on naturopathy medicine. He had a good appetite and a reasonably good health without pain, nausea, vomiting sensation, depression etc.

Important Note

During many years of my work I received hundreds of testimonials from my patients who did recover from their illness. I thought I can put a few of them in my website so people can read them and realise the value and importance of Naturopathy medicine. After reading many overwhelming testimonials, they made it appear as if a miracle had occurred. I picked a few words from these letters, viz, ‘the best doctor’, ‘miracle doctor’, ‘the best healer’ etc. These are the words / sentiments of the patients who were at a critical stage when they came to me for treatment and were healed without any operation and allopathic medicines. I could well understand and appreciate that they felt grateful and said such generous words of praise. It was really very touching and nice of them to do so.

If I were to tell you that it was not at all easy, as some of these patients were suffering for more than 10 years, you could not believe me. You would wonder: How did this happen? How does this Naturopathy therapy works? The answer is quite simple. They changed their life-style and were determined and motivated to live a healthy life. Thus obtaining such optimum results in a short span. They completed the therapy and the follow-up treatment and they are living a perfectly normal life, many even more than 25 years.

There were also some patients who followed the treatment under my guidance only for about 4-6 weeks and then continued on their own for approximately 2-3 months. Thereafter they discontinued the healthy diet and reverted to their previous life-style of negative food eating habits. But the most amazing thing that happened was that most of them are not suffering from their previous ailments. They are all fit and healthy and live a normal life, some even now longer than 15 years! Now don’t you think that IS a miracle?! I had thought they could sustain the regained good health for about 3-5 years if they were on the ‘negative food’. But of course, it differs from individual to individual, as each of us has a different constitution. It has proven that Naturopathy treatment is very effective for diseases of the digestive system. So even patients who followed only a short time of treatments, their body is also regaining their vitality.

According to Naturopathy, chronic patients have to take follow-up treatments. But it pains me to say some did not revert to the treatment. They felt; “now I’m fine, better, in fact, so why continue?” But this is where they made a ‘faux pas’.

Let me explain. There is a simple logic to this. What do you do when your car or clothes get dirty? Obviously, you wash them. Correct. What will you do if it gets dirty again? For crying out loud, wash them again! Sure, but if you don’t, then what will be the repercussions? They will stink. The same logic is applicable to our body from within: if you make your body dirty by consuming ‘negative food’ and excessive eating, your body will become one messy/smelly junkyard from inside and I don’t have to elaborate further. If one does not maintain the body from inside then people are asking for trouble, sooner or later.

But if one adheres to continue eating a healthy diet, then you will be healthy and strong. That is the law of Nature. There are two choices:

1) Eat healthy food and lead a healthy life.

2) Eat negative food and lead an unhealthy life-style and an unhealthy life of misery.

Food plays two roles in our system: it gives life and it can take away life. The choice is entirely yours.

Be it a cancer (any stage), one needs an intensive treatment until the body reaches its normal balance in order to detoxify and develop the positive blood. According to my experience and depending on what stage the illness is, some do have time to detoxify and rejuvenate and some don’t. In the testimonials you could read that even terminal cases can highly benefit from Naturopathy medicine. My advice to cancer patients would be: if you feel better by consuming healthy food, why not keep it up? After all, we have only one lifetime! So why not make most of it?

It’s your health, right in your hands.