Effective Treatment

Effects on Diseases

Art of Medicine

There is a common misconception that acute and chronic diseases are incurable. It’s not so, as most of them can be treated very effectively by Naturopathy Medicine. What is Naturopathy Medicine?

Naturopathy Medicine is a method of treating illness or disease without allopathic drugs or surgery, but using proper food, hydrotherapy, natural medicine mix, poultices and therapeutic exercises to aid the body’s natural healing. A patient is treated with the combination of what the Nature gives us: the 5 elements- sunshine, water, air, earth and ether and positive food; fresh fruits and vegetables. In this therapy only the natural resources are administered.

The beauty of the Nature is that it has the power to create, relax, revive, rejuvenate and restore good health. It has an inherent healing and life giving capacity to the human being, which is also its integral part. It’s interesting to note that some of the things that man has created are destructive, whilst whatever the Nature has given is mostly constructive and useful for human beings. The destruction that we experience by our deeds/acts is mostly self-inflicted. One must love and respect ones body, as that is the only one you will have in this life time and hence we must take the utmost care to keep it healthy, fit and free from any diseases. If neglected, it will be a breeding ground for diseases. Even after taking medicines to fight the symptoms and alleviate the pain, in the long run they do not help to eliminate the problems/diseases totally. So what is the key to good health?

Naturopathy Medicine is the key to good health! It revolves around and professes healthy eating habits. The important aspects are: what to eat, when to eat, in what specific combinations to take the nutrients and of course, what not to eat! These are important factors to build resistance and maintain good health.

Human body responds positively to Nature-remedies. Hence it is imperative to give our body the best of care. One must take proper diet. If done otherwise, one is inviting trouble in the form of indigestion and constipation. And once our resistance is low, we become vulnerable to all sorts of diseases. We need not worry about diseases at all if we faithfully follow the laws of Naturopathy Medicine.

People suffering from terminal diseases can benefit greatly from Naturopathy treatment. Their pains and sufferings can be relieved considerably and their lives can be prolonged if they conscientiously adhere to Naturopathy Medicine. We have only to look around us to know that Nature can heal. Many kinds of living creatures in our environment do not suffer from chronic or fatal diseases like humans and they thrive without consuming enormous amounts of medicines. Is it possible for us to do the same? It definitely is possible!

Naturopathy physicians have established a reputation for successfully treating and curing large number of patients all over the world by practicing healthy life-style and consumption of proper food. Naturopathy Medicine will not only improve your health but also add to your potential, thus making you a healthy and happy person.

Naturopathy Medicine, in a nutshell can enhance the quality of your life!

The Art of Mother Nature’s Science

Naturopathy Medicine has it’s origin as old as Nature herself. It was practiced thousands of years ago by Hippocrates and Greek physicians. It was reintroduced in Europe in the 18th and 19th century by Vincentius Priesznitz, K. Schroth and Louis Kuhne. After these pioneers past away, their theories spread into pieces and got lost.

In the Dresden-Radebeul Naturopathy Sanatorium in Germany they treated many patients suffering from acute, chronic and fatal diseases successfully through Naturopathy Medicine. The Dresden Sanatorium publication Practical Naturopathy, which consisted of 1700-2200 pages (part 1 and part 2) was printed and circulated more than 100 years ago, and then republished by Dr. Ootmar MD (in 1922 - Netherlands). More than one million copies were sold in the 19th century and were crowned with 25 Golden Medals, Crosses of Honor and Certificates of Honor. This book was translated into different languages like: Danish, Swedish, Russian, Polish, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and the Bohemian and Hungarian languages.

It was K. L. Sarma in India who directly discovered its origin and the theories of Vincentius Priesznitz, K. Schroth and Louis Kuhne. In 1910 Sarma gave the science a new dimension in the practical medical science and theory. He founded Naturopathy Sanatorium (1916) and the Indian Institute of Natural Therapeutics (1941). He and his children L.G. Sarma and L.T. Sarma practiced and supported this science and helped thousands of people through Naturopathy Medicine. K.L. Sarma was called the “Father of Nature Cure” in India. Mahatma Gandhi and Morarjibhai Desai were disciples and firm believers in Naturopathy Medicine.

R. Suresh Kumar was fortunate enough to have studied, worked and practiced this science under the supervision of L.G. Sarma and L.T. Sarma in the years 1973 to 1979 and graduated in 1980. They put in great efforts to compile the knowledge of the past 150 years of the pioneers V. Priesznitz, L. Kuhne and K. Schroth.

K.L. Sarma, L.G. Sarma and L.T. Sarma with their efforts, practical experience and theory, brought back this unique therapy of Mother Nature to the people at large in India from 1914-1990.

For the past 32 years R. Suresh Kumar with his knowledge, experience and expertise in this field has been able to develop and fulfill this science further to cure modern illnesses through Naturopathy Medicine successfully.