Effective Treatment

Government Authenticity

The authentication of the education, knowledge and experience of ten years is certified and recognized by the High Commission- Consulate General, Government of India in 1987.

From 1988 to 1991 the Dutch authorities evaluated the certificate, the knowledge and the expertise of Dr. R. Suresh Kumar and recognized him as a pioneer for Naturopathy medicine in the Netherlands.

The authorities are:

  • Ministry of Health, (evaluated for the Ministry of Justice)
  • Ministry of Justice, (decision granted)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs, Head of Police & Civil Administration (license issued)

The authorities granted the license to practice;

“Paramedical Medicine Naturopathy”


Link or relation to the allopathic medical science, parallel or equidistant.


The art and science of the diagnosis and treatment of disease and maintenance of health.


A method of treating illness without drugs (allopathic medicine) or surgery only by using natural medicine, positive food and in favour of physical agencies such as; air, water, sunshine, ether, earth, therapeutics exercises, poultices and hydrotherapy to cure acute and chronic illnesses.


Received recognition for Paramedical Medicine Naturopathy from

Head of Government,

The Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Honorable Prime Minister wishes Dr. R. Suresh Kumar all the best with his work in the year 2006.

Doctor R. Suresh Kumar “Paramedical Medicine Naturopathy” received Dutch Royal recognition & appreciation in 2007 from

Her Majesty the Queen Beatrix.

“Dr. Kumar’s interesting documentation shows that his therapy and advice clearly benefit a great many people.”

The Queen wishes Dr. Kumar every success for his future endeavours.


I successfully reinvented the skills of naturopathy and introduced my therapy to the Royal family of the U.A.E in 1984.

Then to the Dutch government and Dutch senior medical teams: general practitioners, internists, surgeons and cardiologists in 1988 and I treated more than seventy of their complicated chronic patients successfully in 1989. For this accomplishment they acknowledged me as a pioneer and recognized my skills in naturopathy medicine. They recommended my skills directly to the government on an official statement, that my therapy is very important for chronic patients. This is the first medical recognition for naturopathy in Europe.

Naturopathy is an independent system of medicine. Our heritage successfully completed 101 years of Excellency in this branch of medicine. Now I am continuing directly from the third generation. The founder of DSM & IINT established his therapy from 1913 onwards. This has been continued by three generations, father, sons and grandsons, and than went into the hands of Kumar since 1980. The Government of India has recognized their expertise. Together we are one of the oldest authentic practitioners in the world for Naturopathy.

My expertise in Naturopathy Medicine, PGNG, has been evaluated and recognized by the Government of the Netherlands (Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Health (VWS)) in 1988/1991 and 2014 for successfully treating chronically ill patients.

In 2013 I updated my achievements to the Ministry of Health (VWS) with a few hundreds of pages of relevant documents related to treat incurable diseases successfully. I also underlined the importance of "Nature Care Medicine" for chronically ill patients. The Minister appreciated my effort and clearly noticed that I am very motivated to work in this field of medicine to keep one another healthy as possible. On behalf of the Honorable Minister the Director of Health MEVA-VWS duly acknowledged the statement for this concern on 19th March 2014.