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Naturopathy was introduced to me at a very young age by my family. They acquired an in-depth knowledge in the field of Naturopathy from Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of India. They were much influenced by the lifestyle, which Mahatma Gandhi followed. In 1935 he visited our ancestral home, called “Thottathil House” (House in the Garden) which is situated in the state of Kerala, the place called “God’s Own Country.” This state is situated in the southern part of India. My grandparents and ancestors who lived there were well-known entrepreneurs, renowned educationists and social reformers. These qualities made them realize the importance of Naturopathy. Mahatma Gandhi also emphasized this idea in the few public meetings he addressed during his stay in my ancestral house.

Gandhi at Thottathil House, Kerala 1935

Ref: M.P Indian National Congress Party

My grandparents were greatly enthused by his speeches. The brothers-in-law, Mr. S.M. Padphanabhan, Cashew Export Kollam and Mr. K. Kesavan Writer, chief administrator of Harris & Crossfield, Kollam Kerala, together with Gandhi helped hundreds of poor people (harigen) for the source of clean water. Mahatma Gandhi addressed a public meeting after inaugurating the ground water well at Thottathil House in 1935. Gandhi is sitting on the table in order that the public can have a better view. Mahatma Gandhi drank the first glass of water from this well thereby making a point to hundreds of locals that clean water is the best Nature’s First Food Medicine for the human digestive system.

Gandhi says: “Naturopathy has been a passion with me ever since my childhood. To serve the cause of nature, curing and helping others has been the dream of my life ever since. 999 Cases out of thousand can be successfully treated by means of well regulated diet, water, earth treatment (mudpack) and similar remedies”.

During my teenage my parents brought me up, where Naturopathy was part and parcel of our life. When I was a young chap of about 14 to 15 years, my father suffered from a stroke. He was in his late thirties and had been suffering for a long time from diabetics. He suffered the stroke because of the side effects of the medicine he took for the cure of his diabetics. Though my relatives were renowned doctors belonging to various branches of medicine they could not help him recover and my father’s health deteriorated day by day.

At this particular point he realized that the wrong food habits in combination with strong pharmaceutical medicine had leaded him to this debacle in health. He decided that this method of negative food and wrong medication would be of no help. As long as food in-take is negative, the body will not recover and it will lead to stronger dosages of medicine. This combination will definitely pull down the health. Thus, the body will become immune to higher doses of medicine and this will result in leaving lot of toxic substances in the body. My father quite easily understood this fact.

My family advised a lot in this regard and recommended him a healthy life by eating positive food. As advised, we moved him to a nearby sanatorium, where he was treated for six weeks. At the end of the stay, there were signs of recovery in his body as he started regaining his health by adopting positive food and reducing the in-take of medicine simultaneously. When my father was discharged, he was advised to continue the same treatment at home for eight more months. As I had keenly observed the techniques of naturopaths at the sanatorium, I learnt many of their skills by interacting frequently with them. This made my responsibility of shouldering a nursing care of my father easier. I was motivated and able to gain lot of interest and knowledge in the field of Naturopathy while I was treating my father. I was encouraged by the words of my father who had seen my keen interest and supported my cause in this regard. I was further encouraged, when I saw the amazing recovery of my father in front of my eyes without expensive medicine and treatment procedures. The fact is that whatever medicine needed for the cure was very much available at home.

My father could regain his health from the paralytic attack and other chronic diseases only by adopting a healthy way of living. Then he was able to move his left leg and left hand that were affected by stroke. Not only my father regained his health, but all the people who had been treated by this wonderful therapy are now living a along life. As a witness to all these exciting results, I was totally driven into the field of Naturopathy. I underwent an intensive study in the field of Naturopathy for 8 years under the supervision and guidance of the pioneers in the field of Naturopathy. These persons were experienced in the field for more than 50 years. I graduated in 1980, with first class. My area of study focused anatomy, theory, practice and internship. At the time of my internship in the sanatorium, I acquired practical knowledge in treating with hydrotherapy, herbs, applying poultices and prescribing diets for the patients. These kinds of treatments were given to those who suffered from different kinds of illnesses like Diabetics, Cardiac ailments, Blood pressure, Asthma, Digestive disorders, Eczema, Migraine, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Eye ailments, Tuberculosis, Cancer, Inflammation of Intestines etc. After completing my education with distinction, I had the opportunity to develop my knowledge further by co-operating with various medical institutions and hospitals in Asia, Middle East and Europe to treat chronic illnesses through Naturopathy. This experience had enhanced my knowledge to a great extent.

I started practicing independently as a medical practitioner of Naturopathy. During my practice, I had cured many chronic and acute illnesses. Due to this, I got respect from my patients. In the early 80’s I was invited by the Royal family of United Arab Emirates to treat a senior member of the Royal Family, a billionaire business man, who was suffering from chronic illnesses for 10 years. He had been previously treated in hospitals in Europe and United States of America. Still, his health condition deteriorated slowly, because of his unhealthy food habit. He had also suffered as a result of heavy dose of medicines. He had leaded a miserable life for almost 10 years and was bed ridden. Only then he decided to try Naturopathy. He was convinced by the effect of Naturopathy within a few weeks and his health was restored and he was totally free from all these drugs and pain. Due to this remarkable progress, he agreed to travel to India with me to complete his treatment. I gave treatment in “Kumar’s Nature Cure Drugless Clinic”, in South India in 1985. At that time, the minister, the Governor and senior Dignitaries were astonished by the fact that a senior member of the Royal Family of the U.A.E. had come for getting treatment for his disease by means of Naturopathy. They congratulated me for this unique achievement. His Majesty the Royal Highness, one of the Rulers of the State of Emirates, appreciated this successful treatment. Through press publications of my achievements in UAE, I became popular. I also gave treatment to many members of the Royal Family, VIPs of Arabia and other successful entrepreneurs.

Later, many Europeans were given treatment by me. In 1988, a Dutch patient who had complete recovery by my treatment invited me to the Netherlands to give treatment to her mother. I gave her mother the required treatment with the support and co-operation from Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC), because she was undergoing their treatment at that particular time. The patient was cured successfully and it brought laurels and sincere appreciation from the Medical community. Inspired by the results, the Doctor’s Association of the Netherlands invited many doctors for my readings.

Motivated by this support from the medical community in the Netherlands, I successfully gave treatment to many of their patients who were suffering from different diseases like cardiac ailments, migraine, morbus crohn, colitis ulcerosa, diabetics, eczema, cancer etc. Members of the Dutch Medical Working Group, Amsterdam requested me to give treatment to their patients, because they recognized my expertise in the form of therapy, I practiced. They came to understand the importance of this therapy in building up their health. I have been practicing in the Netherlands, since then.

Right : Mr. Kuipers, one of these Doctor’s patient with Dr.Kumar in 1990


Mr. Kuiper is a patient who suffered from intestinal cancer. He was given Naturopathy treatment for his illness. Mr. Kuipers himself acknowledges in his own words the greatness of Naturopathy. He says: “I was diagnosed with an intestinal cancer (tumor) and got it operated in 1987. After two years, it was spotted in another part of the intestine. I asked the specialist if there was any hope of my recovery, but he could not give any hope. My General Practitioner advised me to try Naturopathy treatment from Dr Kumar. I took his word and underwent the treatment given by Dr. Kumar. When I went for my regular check-up, the specialist checked my intestines again in the hospital in 1990. To his utmost disbelief, he could not find the cancerous tissues in my intestine! Since then I had gone for check-up to the hospital every year. In December 2004, I was officially discharged. I am still totally free of cancer and I do not have to go back for a check-up anymore. From the 15 years of my regular medical check-ups in the hospital from 1989 to 2004, it is proved that nature has played a vital and crucial role in my body to help cure the illness. Nobody can now contradict and challenge the efficacy of Naturopathy. They can never suspect the treatment as I have number of proofs in the form of my specialist in the hospital, the house doctor General Practitioner and my sick insurance. It is very saddening to see that other people who suffered from intestinal cancer at the same time when I was suffering are not alive because they did not have the benefit of Naturopathy. I feel proud of myself that I gave myself that chance. I did what had to be done at the right time and adhered to the discipline and the treatment in totality and I have changed my lifestyle to living healthily. I feel that only because of Nature I was able to regain my health. Now, in 2005, I am 88 years old. I still feel strong and I live and eat healthily. I go for a walk daily and do some exercises as well. Often I keep in touch with Dr Kumar. Thanks to him and my General Practitioner, that I am still alive.”

In 1989, a General Practitioner called his patients for a get-together to share their wonderful experiences about Naturopathy. Almost 30 patients who had been actually suffering from chronic illnesses and cured by Dr. Kumar by means of Naturopathy joined the get-together. This meeting was held at a public hall at Purmerend in North-Holland. Lots of people gathered there to hear the successful and happy testimonies, of those cured by means of Naturopathy. This gathering had given more happiness and confidence to families and relatives of many patients. This gathering developed more interest towards this mode of treatment and increased the confidence for new patients to convert their method of their treatment.

Left: 1st General Practitioner, 2nd his patient giving her testimonies, 3rd Dr.kumar,
Right: group of hos patients sharing their experience about Naturopathy at Purmerend.

I proved to many Dutch medical organizations that Naturopathy is the only solution for chronic diseases. I have treated hundreds of patients under my supervision along with Dutch medical doctors and the scientific results proved that nature heals. They have seen my work and expertise and acknowledged my presence in the Netherlands as very important and crucial for healthcare. Some of them adapted the knowledge of Naturopathy to cure chronic illnesses. The confidence, the trust and the respect that they reposed in me, helped me to gain the respect in the renowned medical fraternity. I extended my meetings, readings or lectures to many medical fraternities and hospitals in the Netherlands.

After a publication about my work and ideals in NG Mediselect Management (the journal published only for medical doctors) in 1989, many doctors all over Holland approached me with great interest. I am privileged to say that even some of the medical specialists, general practitioners and their families took my treatment. For example I am happy to say that I gave the wife of one of the professors and chairman of the Medical University in the Netherlands effective treatment through Naturopathy for migraine. She had been suffering from the disease for the past 14 years. After she recovered from my treatment for which her husband gifted me with a very old book on Naturopathy which consisted of 1700 pages and was published 115 years ago. When I read the book, I found to my surprise that whatever I had been taught and practiced was clearly mentioned in that book! I was very thankful to this professor who had gifted me that wonderful book. I was very fortunate that many medical doctors (allopathic) from different parts of the world co-operated with me. I have successfully treated many patients from different countries and I am looking forward continue this in the future.

Naturopathy is a very old health science that was practiced long back in Holland. This science was lost and was never been practiced again. Only a very few doctors like Dr. Ootmar MD and Dr. Van der Upwich MD practiced Naturopathy and followed the philosophy.

A dream has been fulfilled! Naturopathy has became a passion for me and I want to share this wonderful gift of Mother Nature with people from all walks of life from near and far.

“Diet – Keep an eye on the diet, drink fresh water and cut out fat. This is a message from a Naturopath, who claims to have achieved amazing results just by eating nature’s finest offerings - fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts”.

You are what you eat!

Doctor R. Suresh Kumar

A revolutionary health reformer.