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December, 2-2005

Dear readers,
As we all know Crohn is caused by excess inflammation. Research conducted by professor Dr. Segal has shown that it is linked to impaired immunity. This research has paved way in understanding the cause of Crohn.

I was fortunate to have met Dr. Suresh Kumar, Naturopathologist from Castricum, Holland during my visit to Holland for the 10th world Medical Conference IFSO in Maastricht.

I learned Dr. Suresh Kumar is a specialist in Diseases of the Digestive System. He has established his presence in the medical fraternity and gained reputation and respect in the medical community by treating Crohn, colitis, IBS etc. His method of treatment is recognized by the Dutch authorities because they have seen remarkable results in treating chronic patients.

The philosophy behind his treatment is simple, logical & effective - eliminating the bad bacteria and recharging the good bacteria in a natural way in the gastro-intestinal organs. When there is over growth of bad bacteria the cut or wound will never heal. This is the fastest way to reinstate immunity.

I was amazed to see and understand that he has achieved positive results in chronic diseases, especially in Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis and IBS. I sincerely believe that his kind of specialty in Naturopathy Medicine should reach the masses suffering from abovementioned diseases.

After having several meetings with Dr. Suresh Kumar and his patients and studying this method of treatments and the progress associated with remarkable results with these patients who were suffering for more than 10 to 15 years in their miserable lives. With his treatment their health was established fully in few weeks time.

People who were under his treatment 18 years ago for Crohn, colitis, IBS, polypus etc. are still living a healthy and normal life.

I am not convinced easily by any other method of treatment, unless I have a bona-fide proof. For more than 25 years in medical service as a surgeon, I never saw such treatment which has shown good results. I found it amazing and impressive. I am fully convinced of his method of treatment, I have been thinking that whether Science of Allopathic (Modern) Medicine could be successfully clubbed with his science? At times our modern medicine has its limitations, and I feel the answer maybe the afore-mentioned thought.

Once it clubbed both sciences it can be sound and safe and our limitation can expand so it could also open doors for people at large and get wide recognition & its true place under the sun.

I feel now more and more people should know, understand, learn and practise to help control chronic illnesses.

Dr. S.Bd…… M.S., F.I.C.S., F.A.I.S.
Laparoscopic Gastro-Intestinal & Bariatric Surgeon

General Hospital
Department: Policlinic Internal Medicine
To: Dr. P.Z., General Practitioner and Dr. R.S. Kumar, nature cure doctor
Dr. B.C., General Practitioner

Esteemed colleague,

I had an early checkup of your patient, Mrs. J.S., in connection with another increase of general dejection and diarrhea. As you know she is familiar with Crohn’s disease with a serious relapse, then localized in the whole colon and the last part of the ileum. She had lost some weight again and the frequency of defecation had gone up with a mixture of blood and mucus.

At first I performed a sigmoidoscope. The complete sigmoid was deviant, too red, oedematic with scattered superficial, partially aphtoid ulcers. Collected biopts from both the sigmoid as the rectum showed an active inflammation, consistent with morbus Crohn.

To be able to orientate the extend of the inflammation process a complete coloscopy was performed a week later after an enema. The coecum was reached quickly and actually only the rectum was normal. Even this had a somewhat granular mucous membrane, possible even increased in comparison with a week ago. The whole colon was severely oedematic with absent engorgement and scattered superficial erosions, aphtoid ulcers. Also the Bauhin’s valve was very oedematic with superficial ulcers. The last ileumlis could not be seen very well, but also seemed oedematic and pathologic for sure.

Summary: This patient suffers from a relapse morbus Crohn, that manifests itself as pancolitis and a probable terminal ileitis as well.

The past few years we slowly tried to reduce the dosage of Prednison. The raise in BSE, the mild leucocytosis and thrombocytosis are also indications of activity of the inflammation process. I have started to treat her with a heavier dosage of Prednison and I will be checking her up frequently the following time.

That same month colleague P.Z., general practitioner, co-operated with an Indian nature cure doctor, Dr. R.S. Kumar, according to his method of treatment consisting of positive food, natural medicines, hydro therapy etc. According to the results you reduced the dosage of Prednison and eventually stopped the medication.

I examined patient J.S. again. She is checked up for Crohn colitis (pancolitis) and a probable terminal ileitis as well. You had reduced the dosage of Prednison and eventually discontinued it entirely replacing it with diet, natural medicines and hydrotherapy in accordance with healing practices of an Indian nature cure doctor. The frequency of defecation has been reduced to once a day, it is well-formed and no longer a mixture of blood and mucus. Adhering to the above-mentioned healing practices, she is doing well.

In the abdomen there were no palpable anomalies. Examination by sigmoidoscope showed the rectum to be practically normal. There is a fair degree of engorgement. The engorgement in the sigmoid and lower colon was somewhat reduced, there was hardly any edema, and only minute and sporadic aphtoid ulcers.

Summary: Based on not only clinical and biochemical examination but also on an endoscopic examination, the Crohn’s disease is not active. It seems to me wise to continue the present form of treatment of this nature cure doctor and I shall not prescribe any medication for the patient.

Dr. B.S., internist
Dr. H.B., internist.

This result has been gained after the patient followed the treatment of Dr. R.S. Kumar just for six weeks.

March, 23-1989

Dear Readers,

I know R.S. Kumar, Nature Cure Doctor, since July ’88. Through him I got to know the works of Dr. K.L. Sharma (“Practical Nature Cure”), Dr. H.M. Shelton, (“Fasting can save your Life”), and of Mahatma Gandhi (“Health”) and brought about 30 of my patients in contact with Dr. Kumar for treatment according to Nature Cure methods.

Nature Cure is a certain life-style, and a cleansing diet with fruits and freshly pressed juices, fresh vegetables, water and hydrotherapy / shorter and longer periods of fasting until the true, natural ‘appetite’ is woken up in the body and vitality and resistance return. I have great admiration for these therapies, because of their remarkably good results, when appropriately followed through.
With this we arrive at the conditions that, according to me, are necessary for success:

  • The age
  • Strong motivation
  • Co-operation of the environment
  • Medical check-ups
  • Affordability
The backgrounds are so interesting and important and have such a long tradition behind them, that I recommend every medical doctor to study this.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. P.Z.
General Practitioner (MD)
The Netherland

Dear Readers,
With pleasure I took cognizance of the plans of Dr. R.S. Kumar, naturopath, regarding the founding of a sanatorium for the practice of paramedical medicine naturopathy in co-operation with the allopathic medical group. The paramedical medicine of healing is experiencing a growing interest nowadays.

From what is known to me about Dr. Kumar I have full confidence that this project will succeed for the benefit of many patients who need this therapy.

Dr. A.S. van den B.
General Practitioner
The Netherlands

Reference: P 23-03/89

Ladies and gentlemen,
Dr. R. Suresh Kumar, of Indian origin, naturopath as profession has an important place in our region for public health care, especially by treating chronic ailments like arthritis, asthma, Crohn’s disease and eczema.

The indication for treatment from different pathology will definitely increase in the future according to the results of the treated patients. He got a working permit to practice his profession in the Netherlands.

Because of his successes in the treatment of Morbus Crohn and Colitis in general, I do support to try his treatment.

Dr I.B.K.
General Medical Hospital
The Netherlands


R.S. Kumar, naturopath, is a successful healer. He treats patients without allopathic medicine but with proper food and hydrotherapies.

It is really pity to say we all ignore this old wonderful science. According to my knowledge the work he has done so far with the chronic patients has rendered successful results.

Dr. M.L.


Medical Academy Center

The Netherlands

Declaration given to Dr. R.S. Kumar by the members in 1988

Members of the Working Group Medical Doctors, the Netherlands, who are practicing Naturopathy Medicine, requested if Dr. R.S. Kumar is willing to see and treat patients in their practice. These Doctors doing the request because they acknowledge a very special and practical knowledge in Dr. Kumar, in a way which has not been perceived or obtained in the Netherlands in any other way. The members are convinced of the very big important of the general health care of this natural medicine and treatments with a minimum of pharmaceutical means but with a lot of attention for healthy life style, right food and simple water therapies.

Dr. J.S, General Practitioner

Dr. M.J, General Practitioner

Dr. H.J, General Practitioner

Dr. A.vd V, General Practitioner

Dr. P Z, General Practitioner, Co-ordinator

August, 16-1988

Statement with respect for Dr. R. S. Kumar

Allopathic Medical Doctors Association in The Netherlands for promoting paramedical medical science herewith declares that the presence in our country of Dr. R.S. Kumar, the director of the clinic for drugless therapy, must be considered of extraordinary value especially for those medical doctors who daily practice naturopathy medicine. It is the intention of our association to take lectures and also we can benefit in other ways from Dr. Kumar’s specific knowledge and experience.

Professor Dr. C.W.A.


Names of these doctors are not given due to privacy reasons. Original Letters are available with Dr. Kumar