Effective Treatment



For 25 years Kumar spends 65% of his work time to volunteer for chronically ill patients who are on welfare to lead a healthy life. In this regard, Kumar has reached its goal of 100%. This is one of the top philanthropic health care services for Dutch society; to make them healthy and happy.

Kumar helped N ...., A patient in a very critical situation. According to the hospital was N .... undergoing treatment with Remsima (administered via a drip) over four years. However, the hospital stated adamant that they still do not know what the outcome of this treatment will be after four years. After Kumar N .... treated for three months, the situation is completely under control and N .... normally pursue her studies. She is healthy and working hard to achieve her dreams for the future.

During the therapy of Dr. Kumar me grandchildren also enjoy the healthy food. See the picture below which they eat Kumar's healthy bread with a glass of fresh juice.
For years I suffered from Crohn's disease. All these years I've tried everything and followed countless diets; nothing helped, the frustrations piled up. Thanks to Dr. Kumar's therapy, I was healthy. I do not want to prevent such a disease in my family again. That's why I want to lead my family to a healthy life.
I would like to advise anyone with this disease Dr. Follow Kumar's therapy.

My health history.

6 years ago I had a bicycle accident. I hereby third quarter was unconscious. Which I have suffered a brain injury. After that time I am very overexcited. I can sounds, movements, crowds, light, food, smells much worse. At the slightest sound I get itchy and I'm getting tired of it. Same with crowds, sight, movement.

I'm sick and over-stimulated. I can take bad decisions and can not function under pressure.

In recent years I have followed various alternative therapies in addition to a year and a half revalidatiebcentrum. Accupuntuur with Chinese herbs, cranio sacral, sensory integration therapy, orthomolecular therapy, manual therapy, bioresonance.

I've had a lot of. But always fall back. But nothing helps me so that I stay in balance.

Despite my stimulus processing is always something better.

Where I am now experiencing:
Bad sleeping. Wake up at 2 am to 5.
Sleep is good.
Laborious stool.
Smelly Urine
Fetid sweat
Overexcited by sounds, movement, crowds
Hypersensitive to odors
Thick throat
Blurred absent sensation
Can not concentrate. Easily distracted.

Previously, I had about 2 years really bothered my gut. Then came that I had a fungal infection. Because of this I have a lot of weight at the time. (30 kilos) when I was 17.

We eat almost completely organic.
I eat little meat and lots of vegetables and fruits.
Drink lots of water and no coffee, black tea, juices or alcohol. Sugar I take sporadic.
Breakfasts I do almost always with fruit exclusively.

To the extent that.

Until tomorrow, good night.
With kind regards,

W. D.

Below you can see the great results of Dr. Kumar's reading therapy. Therapy and advice he has given voluntarily and all the healthy food at cost. I'm dr. Kumar very grateful that he has supported me during difficult financial times to improve my health. His advice now I bring over my family so we can all live a healthy life. This kind of volunteer help is unique in our country. Thank you Dr. Kumar

Dear Dr. R.S. Kumar,
Since I am in early October 2015 is now busy with your therapy and since then a lot has happened.

I was me not really aware that my bowel problem was so severe and that it has taken such a drag on my life.

Since my birth I have problems with my bowels.

On my 17th went wrong. Because of this I have had many studies and many months in hospital with probes astronauts diet. This is again to increase what my weight of 40 kilos.
I could not eat. Could not keep inside. I writhed in pain in my bowels on the floor. Was constantly in my bed. Could not help but stare. Read cost me too much energy, sitting and walking was almost impossible to do.
It took years before I had rebuilt a normal life.
101 diets and prednisone cures further, I had my gut life in recent years on the ride, I thought. But now I have gained the knowledge to my parents about how it was, it seems very similar to the complaints that I kept after the accident six years ago.
Before the accident, I went back to an internist. Who did not know. Beyond Prednisone and sc diet he did not.
Because I was doing fit for life, I felt the best in many fruits and vegetables. And any combinations making food. There was some profit, however it introduced me unhappy. My digestion improved jet and there seemed no solution to my health problems.

After an accident I had nothing left, and I walked through years of comatose brain injury. I am very happy that I have the opportunity to follow your therapy.

At last now gone missing and it became clear to me that the intestinal symptoms caused imbalance in my body and caused me feel so hazy.

By following your therapy, I feel good. Below is a list of the improvements:
- feel calmer,
- Be less irritable,
- Be less over-stimulated,
- Have more energy,
- Be more balanced,
- Feel fitter,
- Can more incentives to weather,
- Speak again sometimes with friends,
- Can play with our son,
- Can read a story,
- Have recovered much faster from a busier activity,
- My skin looks better,
- My hair shines again fat,
- I can eat everything that is stated in your lifestyle.
- My period comes back regularly,
- We go skiing again,
- I have some energy to exercise,
- Have much less mucus in my throat,
- I can back behind my sewing machine to make something,
- I'm listening now and again a little music,
- We look back together a program on TV or a movie,
- I'm happier, happier, happier, nicer and more preferably,
- I'm still however and happier.

And most important:


I did not know I had so much ache until it disappeared from my life.

In short struggle 41 years with a complaint can not be solved, disappeared within four months. Thanks to your treatment and wisdom.
I feel my body that I need some time to recover. But I take much for the time.

With Best Regards,